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Word of mouth is one of the most powerful small business tools known to man. If we could ask one thing it would be to consistently share posts that you know your friends and family would like! 


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We often share things like sneak peaks or great photos from recent shoot. 


You can find some of O Photo's slideshow videos with music on Youtube.


As we look to go above and beyond expectations to take care of clients; we often like to give them a gift such as a slideshow of their best images so that they can relive that day and night over and over at the click of a mouse. 


The goal is to have this video around for years to come. This would allow couples, and families to relive these great memories they created together.


O Photo allows clients to share their boards for examples of photos they wish to capture. Often we pick a photo from Pinterest and run with it. It becomes the starting point of the shoot. 


The picture to the right is an example of an idea that wasn't an original O Photo idea, but we did add our personal flair and it turned out amazing. 

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